[Community Warning] Vietnamese Exploit Resellers

It has been known that recently a lot of people are buying ProtoSmasher and Synapse X from resellers that seem to be Vietnamese, These people sell them for maybe a cheaper price or even the original price? Please note that selling is highly against their tos and you would probably be blacklisted when you buy from these resellers. Watch out and only buy from the real websites.

ProtoSmasher: https://protosmasher.net
Synapse X: https://x.synapse.to

These are some of the ads they post: https://i.gyazo.com/fd3666958f0e574a016c20001e4ee95e.png
If you get blacklisted from buying these, it is neither the fault of Synapse G.P. (Synapse X) or Infernal Software, LLC (ProtoSmasher).

Stay Safe and remember to only buy exploits from their official website.


Sooooooo bad bro!!!

The resellers are madlads.

Maybe Protosmasher and synapse should add translators to their webpages.

Ik they even called someone betraying the country for reporting them to the protosmasher and synapse management.

What the hell, betraying the country?

This people are kids for sure.

Yes they are. And people are complaining on v3rm that their synapse got blacklisted when they bought from these resellers.

Lmao, they always say to buy exploits from the official webpages, else you could be buying more malware rather than exploits… wearedevs

And plus, some of these resellers even mark up the price, $20 for proto when it’s only $15

that’s hot ngl like like like like like very hot

These people have been reported to slappy and nexure for blacklist btw.

that’s good, very good.

I am being called a betrayer HELP

ive seen one of these and almost bought one from protosmasher lmao

Remember, https://protosmasher.net is the only place you can get ProtoSmasher.

who doesn’t know that

I don’t understand why so many Vietnamese exploiters do this stuff

Neither do I, its really weird, but this scam has been going on for years now. I’ve heard of it last year too.