Did anyone get bannned in bloxburg?

i got banned on bloxburg using krnl just asking if anyone else got banned

what did you do bruh

idk but i had all gamepasses and i think i got banned because free executer and using the script for 5 months now icame to this website when they removed the auto build from there discord

Yeah It was a few weeks ago but idk what got me banned I asked the staff team on there discord and It was a bot ban and I had all gamepasses too but eh who cares

Well, my daughter got banned, she showed me this website, and claims that she got someone to build her a house while she was away form her phone, it looked amazing to both of us, but then she got banned a week later for using scripts, hacks, or bots?! how does that work??? I don’t recall her hacking, she only plays on mobile.

the “builder” might have used cheats to build the house so thats probably the reason why she got banned
and why did you let her on that website? those websites arent for kids

she had told me that it was a site where the person who built her a house in the game roblox told her that they were from. i let my daughter keep privacy on her phone, but now she’s gone on a website and has been banned, i will check her phone every month. i tried contacting the owner of the game bloxburg. he has turned direct messaging off, so i don’t know what to do for her.

also,a while ago, i told her to stay away from suspicious websites, since something in the game adopt me was stolen, or hacked. she never listened, so i’m just trying to help her here! i’m not sure what i can do! there are many other games for her to be playing though.! i can see i gave her roblox currencies she spent 1,000 roblox on the game bloxburg, and she had some money from working. i really can’t believe she would let someone so suspicious build her a house.