Dm me for a autobuild for free

dm me if you want me to autobuild you a house for free!

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is it free? or we need to pay you?

free just tryna be nice

hmm instant build?

its auto build

is it instant build or normal build

what do you mean by that?

like are you gonna instant build like the whole build in 1m or is it goonna take time if you’re using the apple bee script

oh yes its gonna take time

but i do it for free unlike some ppl you have to pay

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ok i’ll tell you when i need ok

alrighty sounds good

can i have it?

yo i am looking for a builder please :slight_smile:

dm me on disco zachery23#7356

dm me on disco zachery23#7356 ill do it

done, can you add me back?

i sent an request

Could u give me the script to auto build

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May I ask I can’t auto build on krnl and I have the script.