Do you have Covid-19? (coronavirus)

Do you have Covid-19? (coronavirus)

  • yes
  • no

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I 100% have Covid-19 (Corona Virus). What about you?

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no sir, as getting coronavirus is gay

homophobic homophobic

pls don’t demote me!!!11

I have teh corona virus from mcdonalds from buying McCorona


Our state is in lockdown, meaning you can only go outside to do essential stuff such as buying groceries. Any communication to strangers can lead to arrest too…

@Lewdie why are you still on discord/these forums if you have covid-19? Shouldn’t you be in a hospital on quarantine?

@anon98970382 lmao nice joke. Funny thing is we have a city called corona here in California.

pretty sure @Lewdie was joking…

Ah, lol I see. Pretty sure everyone that voted yes here was joking.

@applebee lol. Nah, I’m not infected with Covid-19 coughs coughs

What are the symptoms of the Covid-19 ? I probably just have a common cold. heh

@Ambiguous Coughing, Breathing Difficulties, Pneumonia-ish feeling, fever

just a common cold and my Asthma 100%

Then, idk might not be covid19 if you don’t feel a fever.

Just a COMMON COLD !! cough cough :eyes:

STILL avoid going to the hospital, if you think you have covid-19, call the CDC and they will come to your house.

Nah if I can affect more people it will be shorter lines at Starbucks

BRUH, do you have ethics? Take an ethics class.