Give me ideas for the discord

give me ideas for the discord, like emojis and new channels
post ideas in the comments

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Yeah, give me ideas as well.

NSFW channel :frowning:

Bruh, those already exist.

crap, ehhhh then a hentai nsfw

Isn’t there a weeb channel already? Stop shitposting… it won’t get you far.

I’m not shitposting, please stop

Like in the other topics, whatever, fine.

is God real? I’m gonna drink some water lately, who coming?

No thanks!!! I have online classes!!!

:frowning: fight me c’mere sutpid

Meet me at McDonalds. We will settle this like real men.

Toxic…, community guidelines :walking_man: ink

Silence applebee1558

Bet,… I’ll see you there

Who is applebee1558?

Silence, Aizyy, dailyaizyykick?

@applebee This guy , Alex Liu

applebee1558 is my admin alt on these forums.

I am OG member here! You’re nothing to me, peasant.