Hundo's Ban Appeal


I’m appealing due to me being blacklisted/banned for cursing what can be considered a “racial slur” , I wanted to make it clear that my ethnicity is Black and I thought it would be allowed as it is in many other exploiting servers! I have re-read the rules and understood where I went wrong.

For The Moderator+ reading this, My sincere apologies go out to anybody who was hurt/offended by my statement and I shall now know this exploit dosen’t allow any sort of curses like that!

Get back to me when you can! Thanks. Discord ID: 804398939649867877 -

Kind Reguards

Any updates?

Would a unban but a perm mute be fine with you ?


I recently got banned for sending invite to the wrong person in dms (sent to a mod) so it was classed as advertising! I was meant to send it to someone else as we are making a server and he wanted to join!

Thank you!

My discord:

^ lmao, I have done that like 298187399172 times

could I get unban from lumbsmasher

I was ban for advertisement and I wont every do it again.

Discord: fat takilo#1708

appeal accepted