Intel or Ryzen

  • Intel
  • Ryzen

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Damn still only 2 voters LOL

Your mom Lol

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Ryzen for the win

ryzen is winning because its too good

no intel is better

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any evidence that intel is better?

my AMD FX cpu fried itself despite water cooling it.

StockAlert server, we scrape all NVIDA GPU’s, AMD GPU’s, Ryzen CPU’s, all XBOX, and PS5.

How does a cpu just fry itself

how do I know, it just randomly stopped working

that’s before ryzen, probably. after ryzen intel is loosing because ryzen is being too cheap and too good.

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Lemons ryzen cpu also fried itself within just a year of use

i agreee intell core i7 great

so overall amd is kinda better, intel may have the best processor, amd although is better for what you’re paying
and amd has come down and advance in technology such as 7 nanometer and 12 nanometer, intel is still much behind on 14 nanometer
intel is much better for gaming, and amd is better for basically anything else, but amd is kinda better. but, intel has better sing le core performance, and it’s better than multiple core on amds cpus. and if you’re going for strictly gaming, intel is the answer. although most people don’t just game on their pc.

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Ryzen is fuckign hot use ryzen