Load base not owrking

its not working i can save but not load this new gui sucks ass

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It would be better if you posted this under the #bug-reports channel in AlphaX.

Please note that development has only just recently released V 2.5, meaning that there would be a lot of bugs. However, I can ensure you that the development team are actively working to patch all of the known bugs.

im banned from discord

You can appeal from the AlphaX server here: https://discord.gg/7tJqy23daJ

im banned from it

yea same for me i cant load a base i really dont like the new gui

Not Oworking* u mean?

oh i didnt know oworking was spelt like that smh ur stupid

Oh sorry about that master I simply did not know jokes doesn’t exist in 2021

yeah it made me laugh so hard made total sense 420/10 best joke of 2021 and years 2 cum