[LT2 Alpha X] Epic House

Epic House

Created By: applebee#3071 (604582905053708308)
File: KingxGames123.axlt2 (21.3 KB)

Here are some images:

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Note: I didn’t make this base. The original post is here at [LT2] Epic house testing title
I was just using this to test it

no one cares about ur horrible build or another guys horrible build

I’m pretty sure this is a bot buck
Leader and mod

mhm ok dont care but sure ok

Wait I might be retarded

It is indeed a bot, do .sharelt2base in alpha x

Oh so I’m not 0 iq ok good to know

the build is shit anyway too much sinister and too shitty of a “house”

Stop being pissed about everything

I cannot stop myself at being pissed at everything so deal with it and you will only see me here like once a century when I’m actually interested at something here