Lumbsmasher Exploit

What is your go to exploit for using lumbsmasher?
Also, do you use Lumbsmasher regularly?

ProtoSmasher, and I don’t actually use it reguarally because I don’t really exploit now. I only use it for mainly testing stuff now.

totally not alting

i dont exploit much either now days, there is abit more fun in knowing that you CAN exploit but you DONT

how much can 69 cut a wood

bruh you already know its not alt

im ur alt can u not see

And my roblox account is at risk of being banned for helping my friend steal some games from a few scammers.

my friend ur fucked like 100

The full post:

if that happend to me ill be dead and yea dead

Idk, have over 4k robux worth of game passes and stuff. And a lot of lt2 stuff.

wow thats like bad if u loose it

Never uploaded leaked stuff on my account, I don’t think that’s enough proof.