LumbSmasher [Official Thread][Exploit Script]

LumbSmasher is a Script-Hub with many features. It works with ProtoSmasher, Synapse X, Sentinel, Sirhurt, Script-Ware, Krnl and Bark

Join the discord now to get a free whitelist key.

If the Discord Oauth2 Join does not work, please DM me on discord or PM me on these forums for an instant invite.

As of now, the 3 supported games are

  • Bloxburg
  • Lumber Tycoon 2
  • Jailbreak

Features - Lumber Tycoon 2
Anti TP Bypass (Bypasses TP Anti-cheats)
Bring Wood (Brings wood to a point)
Annoy Server ( Annoys the server with mass sounds)
Kick Player ( Kicks the targeted player)
Bringing End Times Tree without loosing axes
Mod Wood (mods wood)
Auto Buy (auto-buys a certain item from the shop)
Drag Mod (lets you drag a big tree)
Wire Mod (lets you place wires through walls)
Burn Tool (burn people’s stuff)
Car Pitch Mod (mods a vehicles pitch)
Auto-Build (also buys purchasable structures and places them)
Auto-Build Progress Saving (since auto-builds take a long time)
Full Bright (also changes ambience, not just the time of day)

Features - Jailbreak
Instant Interaction (no waiting for the press e prompts)
Arrest All (arrests all criminals)
Mod Guns (inf bullets and auto fire)
Mod Taser (inf taser)
Delete Doors(removes all the doors from workspace)
Annoy Server (annoys the server with mass sounds)

Features - Bloxburg
Auto-farm (Auto-farms a certain job)
Auto-mood (Automatically fills/maxes your mood up)
Fake Paycheck ( used to troll your friends with a custom fake paycheck)
Plot-TP (used to get around to players plots)
Auto-Build (Used to auto-build houses/plots)
Waypoints (TP to various locations)
Car mods(Used to mod cars, Speed, Turn, Reverse, etc)
Pixel-art (Used to make a pixel art of a image of your choice)