LumbSmasher Suggestions

Please post all your suggestions for LumbSmasher Here. To vote for a suggestion, like the post by clicking the heart icon. As long as it isn’t a pure shitpost, any suggestions are welcome.

PS: Game suggestions are welcome here too :smiley:


suggestion: make a money dupe

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make a auto blueprint filler feature that chops down a tree of users choice sawmills it and fills all the blueprints on the plot repeating that until all are filled that would be a huge time saver


Tp planks to you. Like the wood one

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Is it possible to have a feature that allows item teleportation. Whenever I try to buy in bulk its difficult to move everything quickly due to it flipping out.

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Build Mode on other peoples base

Maybe a dinosaur simulator script? it’s a rather old game, 3/17/2015

In autofarm, id like it if there was a “leave game after reached target amount of money”

Lumber tycoon:
God mode while getting Lone tree, doing this will make auto-build fully AFK(unless you crash or disconnect).

Also, could you make the annoying server feature louder since it is not that loud?

Bloxburg idea :
Can you make a script to bypass money limit? Like to give more at 1 time and not low amount every few minutes
edit: I forgot to add the game

Impossible, it’s a server enforced check

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Is it possible to make like to give for example 10k money or the max amount u can to the guy u want every X time?

Add a script where we can auto grind for skills and auto water every plants in our plot in Bloxburg

suggestion: auto planting?

Suggestion: You should definitely make a script for shipping lanes. If you did bloxburg this should be a piece of cake.

you should make it work with Fluxus it worked with it the other day now it says its not supported on bloxburg

Merge bark gui with lumbsmasher since lumbsmasher lt2 is down