LumbSmasher v2 - Remaining Tasks

Here are the remaining tasks for LumbSmasher v2. We are close to the finish line and will release to booster-only channel first.

This list may change at any time as we find new features to add or some to remove.

I’ll keep this topic open for replies if you wanna comment on something here.

Create an API module and call that to make UI independence easier.
Create the UI and design it (credits to @Mewski)
Creating a better bring tree that waits cooldowns properly.
Creating a better steal items that actually works.
Making a Drag Mod
Making a Wire Mod
Separating selling a single plank from selling all of them (useful for making a tool that only sells one plank)
Implementing a better teleport bypass (Ported to v1)
Being able to block saves (for duping) (currently only API-Sided)
Adding a free plot function since the game doesn’t check for the actual purchase when buying land)
Making a Better Anti-Blacklist (Won’t even show blacklist messages and less lag)
Making a better no-fog (will no longer keep looping)

Making Mod Wood Selection on the new UI
Adding a blueprint filler method that manually gets the tree
Adding an option to serialize bases and then auto-build them.
Make all the buttons on the UI actually function.
Add a lag server method (accidentally discovered it during testing)
Implement Auto-Build structures too.
Implementing a lot of v1 features into v2. (I would say this is roughly 60% done)
Make an auto-buy for lazy people that don’t want to walk to the store.
Doing a Alpha Release in booster-only

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I cant wait for new ui lol



new ui when
i dont wanna keep staring to the ugly one

It will come out with the release of LumbSmasher v2

Lol, Anna said she was releasing ui like 3 days ago

@EDP445 that is just public showcase,

:flushed: this is hot

There’s actually more features now, gonna update the list