[Mega] Bark Suggestions

We here at bark want to provide the best LT2 experiences for you. In order to keep our Discord Server safe, please reply to this topic with suggestions.

Current Planned Features (do not suggest if your item is on this list)
means in-beta testing
means planned for development

Viewing all the items you have/not have on your base
New wire art format allowing the creator to specify colors.

please add this to wire art format v2

to secure paid or private wire art. can u hide this from on urls?

add this to build mode or new features… capable of deleting whatever is inside the selected box

unknown (1)

also this will be good at deleting wire art on our land

no, but we could certainly add a encryption/whitelist to arts, however it’s not bulletproof

what plugin is that

terrain editor

chat spy so you dont need to execute a sepreate script?

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release this

Bring back old tp wood pls


Wipe base

[+/-] Selection

~ [Wipe Selection]

~ [Wipe Whole Base]

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When they execute bark… change the game music into chill/relaxing music

fix self dupe…

Tomahawk axe fling?

Fix car spawner

What’s broken about it?

Pls add Tomahawk axe fling

There isn’t even a point in spying private chats