Mega modern mansion

Its a big house I don’t know iff thats the right picture but check it your self
Cost: 1,845,145
Base ID: 5f9befa655216b5ecbe82c4f


u need big plot multiple storys and basements

let me advise u this code does not work correctly once it was done i got a grass glitch were the grass did not let me access my garage and the yard was not fully complete because of the grass glitch also the pool was buggy and did not load up either ppl will tell u to rejoin and come back but thats a 50/50 chance i destroyed my plot because of this if u guys get this bug well im sorry but i love the house i just hate i had to destroy it

thanks for this info

ayo anyone got th discord

Its more like 4 mmillion not 1.8 but its still good

All these comments are cap. It works correctly because i had this one. Just some stuff on the outside is not loaded. but thats probably cause mines glitched