NO GAMEPASS modern house

NO GAMEPASS modern house

Created by: Blue#4219
Cost: 473,963
Base ID: 60200a8f7bb2be749d84d272

Important notice:
Some furniture and walls won’t be fully copied (because of script issues) rebuild the missing parts from the video above.

Fully furnished no Gamepasses
I placed trees around to fill the empty spaces, remove them at will.
I had to copy this house item per item from a yt vid then make it into an ID

Bro thank you so goddamn much, how do you copy these house and get their ids??? I was looking at this house like one week ago and I was thinking of building it myself. Thank god you posted this


I have 500k money and it still not enough to completely done this house although it costs 473, 963… I really think if you’re going to auto build someone house, you need atleast 200k to 300k extra cash

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The best house with 1 story👍

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Oh my god! This is so nice!

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all i have to say is sheeeeeesh! this is the best house ever tysm!

no you dont your stuff is just buggin or u exited out of build mode or the game

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10/10 Loving it… Quick build ETA was 27 Minutes
4 Bed 4 Bath
Outside Pull Area
Could Use a Bigger Garage

How do you build the house. using lumbsmasher??

hey can i add you so i can copy your base id ? the auto builder i use cant use the id on here so pls let me use yours

the auto builder i use doesn’t support this id so i was wondering if i could use yours? pls? i rlly like this house

can u add me so i can copy the house id