[OFFICIAL] LumbSmasher Discord Retard Role Appeal

In this topic, you can appeal your retard role in the LumbSmasher Server.
If you got the retard role, you either were a retard, or you tried to whitelist yourself, making you a retard.
When you appeal it, please say why you deserve to have the role removed and promise that you will not do it again. You can appeal by DMing me or by replying to this topic.

I will now be a little more active in whitelist request to hand out free Retard roles if you try to use the whitelist command!

free retard role for everyone AMIRITE CHAT???////???/?/??

Idk why I got it pls remove,

Adam 774#6049

@ABC I need your discord tag and ID and a promise to never whitelist yourself again.

Retards whitelisting themselves

That’s how you earn the role

Retards should never appeal for it. they’re retards forever and ever

I personally hate being spam pinged, so this will stay.