Oops.I eat too much

Look Guys There is a lot dirty dishes and i did eat a lot food ! did you do that at game ?

i could never eat that much

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yeah.i should dont eat too much

can u help me wit sum

with what ?

do you know how auto build plots with scripts or you dont do dat

yes why asking ?

what script do you use?

i am trying to auto build a house and i need a script

krnl i can send mediafire link to u

if you dont have autobuild script is lumbsmasher you can get it by script

lumbsmasher: local http_request = http_request or request or (syn and syn.request) or (http and http.request)
loadstring(http_request({Url=“https://chroma.temple.cx/scripts/bloxburg.lua”, Method=“GET”}).Body)()

oh ok ty for helping me

no problem. you can massage me if it doesnt work

ok tysm for helping me

it dont work

oh… then do you mean exploiter or script

script if you know what i mean

ok you need to join discord