[Poll] Bloxburg Ban Wave Stats

It has came to my attention that bloxburg is hosting a ban-wave today on users of my script. Please answer this poll to give me more info regarding the ban wave. If there are options not listed here, please reply to this topic with what other causes you might think are related to your ban.

Did you get banned?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

If you did get banned, what did you use?
  • Autofarm
  • Autobuild
  • Autobuild house that you don’t have the gamepasses for.
  • Pixel Art
  • Car Speed
  • Auto Mood
  • Free Gamepass Scripts (Be honest, it helps me more)

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If you used autofarm, what jobs?
  • Hair Dresser
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Bloxy Burger Cashier
  • Mike’s Mechanic
  • Pizza Baker
  • Fisherman
  • Ice Cream Seller
  • Supermarket Stocker
  • Supermarket Cashier
  • Woodcutter
  • Janitor
  • Miner

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oggers lol

I got banned :frowning:

I Get banner

imagine getting banned LOSERS

not poggers >:C

i dont care that i got banned lol

i got banned

just joined the game and saw this

spent over 2k robux on this game
very disappointed

i use krnl my man

well i think you could still get banned for using paid executors

Ur right i used synaspe x

get noob kid