Poll: Who for head of staff?

Who would you vote for?

  • Shitposter
  • BananaBee

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Bananabee is cool and all but fucks around too much

Not listed, but Krakerino first since he’s already Support Management, then maybe shitposter. Bananabee messes around too much in the server rn but don’t feel like demoting him.

Bananabee is cooler, and has also been here longer even though he does mess around, and shitposter is kinda toxic ngl.

Shitposter because he has a cowboy hat

Bananabee bc he is bananabee

But then in the same time, he abused announcements for weird things

ME i deserve my head of staff

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Somewhat agree but only if it didn’t sound like you were begging.

I prefer bananabee, and you should be Support Manager at minimum.

poll closed due to the director role being deleted, i’m staying head of staff