School With Dorms & Field

Founded this school off from a neighborhood named itzrebecca1, this girl hosts daily school sessions, so I decided to steal it so everyone can build it.

Very nice school overall, comes with dorms and all the normal things in a highschool, overall 10/10 i’d build.
PRICE: $605,372
ID: 61510800142932796d3684a0

CAUTION: This school for me every time I went near it went my wifi go crazy. It is probably the laggiest school I’ve ever seen. I go from like 90 ping to 7000. If your wifi gets fucked over this it’s because for some reason.

Pictures below of the school and dorms.

Hey! Do you know if it need Large plot?


Looking at It. pretty sure you do but I am not fully sure tbh…

Another reply, yes you do…

Thanks! I’ll be sure to buy that, !!

decals? aka picture id? Thanks!