Statement on the Management of ProtoSmasher Discord

Note: This is not about the exploit ProtoSmasher. It is about the discord community for this exploit.

If you know me, you know that I was banned from the Discord yesterday for an utterly disgusting reason that doesn’t even fall under the rules even if it was real, not to say that it was a meme.

Here’s what happened: I posted a picture of me “ddosing” the furry bot api through my own bot. But, the server used for the DoS Layer 7 Floods doesn’t have screen and the api I made behind that bot command screens processes when it connects into the server. If anyone has known me from my LumbSmasher Discord, we spammed the furry bot when the ProtoSmasher Discord got blacklisted and it was authorized. So, later the ProtoSmasher discord was unblacklisted but my own user account wasn’t, so I memed about ddosing the bot. This got worse when flusky saw that the bot didn’t respond to my commands. He completely disregarded the fact that I was blacklisted and just assumed someone else’s message about the fact that I “downed” the bot. To get facts straight, EVEN IF I DID send a flood and break the bot, that doesn’t fall under any rule in that discord. The closest it can get to is rule 4, prohibiting harming another member through actions such as doxing and ddosing. But that is a BOT, and it isn’t even a bot related to ProtoSmasher. Flusky then completely disregarded the fact that I was blacklisted from the bot and just replied with "don't care"PROOF HERE.

The main problem behind this is that the Staff Manager (flusky) is biased and does things on his free will. I’ve known for a long time that he doesn’t like me and would try to get rid of me someday, and yesterday was the day he finally found a reason. He even tried saying that “ddosing is a shitty person so that would fall under the rule prohibiting toxicity and being a shitty person”(Proof Here) With his logic, he could basically ban anyone from his server because you can say that exploiting roblox is being a shitty person. He also has no proof that I actually broke the bot and things, and his response to any inquiry is “don’t care” Proof. Not trying to trash Nexure, since he’s a very nice person, but he gives flusky the room to abuse by allowing him to do whatever he wants.(Proof).

Just to addon to this, people being staff also reported a huge amount of bias, where people who are friends get promoted up way more easier than people who are not friends. Flusky also said that he takes recommendations as a way to promote. Proof What a good way to check who’s good… shoudn’t you be looking at their activity yourself and make the decision instead of purely basing it off a recommendation? Being support for over a year in that discord, I have also seen no sign of appreciation from the management while I was support, the best is just buyers thanking.

I am no the only one affected by this. You can ask former demoted staff like Squid and they also have their stories.

TLDR : The ProtoSmasher management is corrupt and flusky is doing whatever he wants now. I am not the only one affected by this, others are too. I hope this can change as soon as possible.

Can confirm that applebee didn’t DDoS the furry bot lol and was blacklisted from it beforehand. Idk why he got banned but that’s fluskys decision

i have personally experienced flusky’s abuse, so the management needs a fix!

These are just a few of Fluskys abusive comments and general stupidity

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let’s be honest, roses was better

No, I was better than that dumb poo poo brain roses >:(