This kid is skidding applebess TP bypass

So this kid that goes by “MrTrustLumber#4467” on discord skidded applesbess tp bypass, he is claiming it as his and is saying he “edited it. cause it was fucked up” he didnt edit shit. Do not trust this kid he is a skid and will try to scam you, he didnt even know how to make a god mode. He sent this picture and and said that applebee said he can use it without open source. But he is not credting applebee at all, he is in fact claiming he made it.

Here is the TP bypass he is claiming is his -

Do not trust this kid, now this skid “Not A Weeb#7088” he is claiming to be dylan exploits.

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Bruh! That sucks… :monkey:

It’s not just my tp-bypass, they skidded off the free bring tree that was released, and skidded off Zypher’s anti-kick. BE CAREFUL and DON’T buy MTL HUB because its clearly just people selling skidded stuff.

And MTL guy doesn’t even know how to use tables… LOL

Yeah @MrTrustLumber doesn’t know what a table is yet his hub is filled with tables in-use.

i say ban him, he skidded your stuff.

@Nick He’s already banned