Upcoming Banwave

I was told that there would be another Roblox banwave very soon in maybe a month, did anyone else hear this or was it just me

Who told you that? I never heard any news of it.

It’s probable that the one who told you that may be trying to predict when the next banwave is coming.

He probably thought that if roblox took away the banwave due errors, once it’s finished with enchancements to detect exploiters they’ll do another one.

I mean it’s posssible. But not true at the moment.

finna bust a fat nut
a HUGE nut

Well I exploited a little bit on my main so I’m hoping I don’t get banned forever. Now I only exploit on my alts cause bw scares meself. Applebee told me that it’s best to just exploit on alts always since there is a chance even without the bw you can get banned for exploiting. Hasn’t happened to me but I’ve been hella paranoid. For Proto(the only paid exploit I own) they said they are going to make a patch to make sure that this doesn’t happen to its clients.

can you send me the discord link