Vaeleth - A Discord Bot

Hello! I am proud to announce the release of a project that I have been working on!

A multipurpose discord bot built to enhance your discord experience.


Role Saving - ever wanted a bot to automatically give a user back their roles if they leave and rejoin? Vaeleth will automatically do this!

Moderation Cases - Most moderation commands have specified case IDs that if you ever want to look back at a certain case or all of a members cases.

Banned Words - Want to prevent people from sending a specified word? Well you can do this with Vaeleth!

Logging - Configurable moderation logging channels and regular action logging channels (message deletes, message edits, etc.)

Autorole - Customizable role to give automatically when a member joins your server.

And Much More!

Get Vaeleth Today!

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Very cool bot, keep up the good work.

I highly recommend this bot.

epic bot, must invite to your server

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ok good bot aha i like i will use it thanks i like it

even tho they use vaeleth against me mother truckers

Indeed an epic bot ! Happy to have the same idea on it!

Lol ok, nice double posting stuff thst can be put into one post.

Bumping this topic because the bot just got verified and gained even more features.

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