[Warning] LumbSmasher Shutdown

Tl;DR New LumbSmasher owners never paid me the full amount agreed, and are now trying to call me a “malicious user” to cover it all up.

Hello, it’s me applebee talking about the status of LumbSmasher.

Part 1: Selling

In May 2021, I made the decision to sell the script and an appealing buyer was Toddev/Masterzz. After we secured the deal on him, Toddev claimed that he doesn’t have enough money and just paid parts for parts of the script. I initially agreed to that, and that’s how it went. They got their hands on the script source, but I kept my own access to the bot and servers and databases as collateral.

What went wrong: After $150 was made in payments (which he also sent them as G&S on PayPal so I had to pay fees so realistically only about $143) my PayPal account got locked due to whatever PayPal decided to do. I asked him to send a chargeback so he could get they money back and pay me, which he agreed to. However, after the chargebacks processed and he got his money back, he only sent me $50 to this day. Repeated requests for it just got ghosted.

Furthermore, this whole time where the payments were dragged over an extremely long timespan, they also relied on my servers for hosting a script I don’t run or develop anymore. Eventually I felt enough free hosting for it and turned off the servers, and that’s when the community exploded and wanted everything back. These new people even made the community pay for the hosting bills. I got into a conflict with them when they offered a $50 bounty for someone to crack a whitelist system they had the literal source to. If they could pay people to crack, why can’t they pay me the money they’ve owed for literal months now?

Wondered if they cared about the users? No
I’ve even went in and gave a solution to fix a banning issue the script had. It got completely ignored and fell into the silent.

Here’s my issue:

  • If you took up the bid for something, you should be paying it asap and not paying people to crack a system. You pay your creditors first.
  • The fact that they took over the script means they should be responsible for the operations and safety. Seems like they don’t care, just keep using a “rewrite” as the excuse for delaying forever.
  • While I’m not owner or anything after I sold the script, I also completely dislike the fact that users are still being sent to me for issues when it’s their job to take care of it. That’s why I left the server.
  • I’m also disgusted at the fact that they are trying to call me a malicious user because I added a bit of a meme in the whitelist server to slowly stop authentication checks from passing with a code 69 (that talks about malware in the network). I’m sorry but just because someone’s shutting down their own servers with a memey message doesn’t mean it’s being used to spread malware. Oh btw if you’re asking about the logging, I used to make that clear in the channels, and idk what they did with it but they also had access to the exact same logs.

Final Remarks
As a script with such unstable and irresponsible owners, I’ll avoid using it in the future. Maybe one day I’ll pick bloxburg back up in my bark project. LumbSmasher servers will be going down indefinitely and I’ll be releasing the source code within a few days. Thank you for playing around.

If you want to see my other script that hasn’t gone into such a state, check out bark at

If you want an alternative script, check out Bloxburg Epic Thing at

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