Welp, I guess this is it for now!

Hello Everyone,
Sadly I have to inform you that Roblox has decided to release their Hyperion 64-bit client into production and made the decision to drop 32-bit PCs altogether. This happened roughly 4 hours ago with the release of version-dc61c2db7d694b7b This means that the Bark Loader/Executor that you have enjoyed using for 2 years will no longer be what it is. ShowerHeadFD has said that he does not want to provide modules anymore once he has a Hyperion bypass out to reduce his attack scope from Roblox. I haven’t heard back from iDev yet but we will most likely not be able to ever have a working version on Windows the way it is.

While this is disappointing news, we hope that in the next few months, we may get a product that works like Bark is right now if decisions change or something else happens.

While not all hope is lost, we will be working on having a module for Android/macOS that will connect with our v9 Windows Client to continue letting you use Bark the way it is. Hyperion has not been released on these platforms yet and emulation software like Bluestacks will let you run the Android version on Windows.

It has been a fun 2 years releasing updates to Bark Loader and watching the rise of Bark ever since I took over this project in February 2021. Thank you so much for all the support and hype around this product. These were all enjoyable times for me as I watched this community evolve and adapt to the various changes I made over the years. We started off as a small 8,000-member community and are currently roughly 36,000 members. This took a long time to come this far. I will also wish for you all to give a big thanks to Mewski for continuing to put in hard effort and work on Bark over the years. She didn’t even demand or ask for payment for the project, working for free.

While the future of Bark remains unknown, I hope this community still stays intact shall we find ways to recover from these releases (starting with our Android module). I will most likely be shutting off some bots and premium subscriptions to the various bots we have in Bark to conserve money as our money source is down. (I got my Linkvertise payout canceled and the account closed on Monday so none of that payout ever came). Bark is currently a costly project to maintain, costing me roughly $100 a month to maintain. I hope we can find alternatives before we will be mandated to shut down. I have not given up hope, just like when all LT2 products were discontinued after the patches, and we survived. There is still hope and I wish for you to remain so we don’t lose hope.


The release of Hyperion into production.

We are currently working on backporting all v9 features into the former v8 script and reviving that project as many executors have been made on the UWP version of roblox!