What do you think of applebee?

Every time I interacted with him, he was calm and collected
He didn’t act like an ape like some of the Discord does
He pretty cool ngl


He’s cool, I don’t know exactly if he thinks he’s cool with me because ngl I’ve done some things to make him dislike me but I think he’s a cool person.
He’s very chill and a smart guy, cool to be friends with him.


He’s really chill and probably will still respect you even if he dislikes you slightly. :grinning:

@EDP445 badge be like tho


Applebee is a pretty cool guy, has some conversations with him and many other of his mods, good to see a nice exploit dev.

he’s pretty chill and will honestly be pretty nice to you unless your being overly retarded, honestly one of the best server owners I’ve met.

hes cool
all i can say

ngl applebee is hot asf

couldnt agree more

@applebee being nob :frowning: