What do you think of the new synapse UI

Personally I think its trash!

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Its not even a Walmart UI. Thats more like a 99 cent store UI that is just ugly lmao.

it’s nice, people will have a negative opinion because they don’t want change.

People will also have a positive opinion because they do want a change. I like the new features I just prefer the old UI.

This UI is does not match to synapse. WHY DO THEY DO THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I want old UI back :confused:

Not a huge fan of this ui, but I can deal with it.

Same! it is to crammed together not only that where you type is so small

Well at least he added the option to use the legacy ui now

I guess that would be the pros then.

it just looks old
like it was made in 2016

it looks like a free exploit smfh -_-

lmao, it does look old.