What game should come next

Vote below for the future game to be added to LumbSmasher

Future game for LumbSmasher.
  • rouge lineage
  • dungeon quest
  • mad city
  • adopt me
  • shindo life

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choose adopt me you clowns

choose rogue lineage or adopt me will be not popular. Yes totally true…

why pick adopt me u losers

why pick adopt me u losers

yes if you choose adopt me ur loser

adopt me babe

imagine hacking on adopt me lmao

ehh idk adopt me kinda sucks

same, I just chose a random game

What’s the point of adopt me :joy:

whats adopt me?

I dindn’t even vote lol

Adopt me pilise

adopt me more like drop me

Yeah yeah!

its so i can play with that kids lmao

fuckas if you dont vote dungeon quest you will have a 10 inch blue ringed octopus in your bed when you wake up tommorow


i have autism

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so rouge lineage idk
dungeon quest have too much op scripts lumbsmaher bad idea do get this game
mad city anyway this one situation
shindo life its bad game moral: “go buy gpo”
adopt me best variant i think bc not much good script at this game
but i want script for some another games like
grand piece online , Your Bizzare Adventure
and many another but i dont remember all B)
Arigato for listening