What paid hubs do u guys use?

I use Wally’s and Kiriot’s hub lol

Aztup’s and nothing else.

Aztup hub, Wally hub, Carrot hub, Sad rad, Fersploit hub

Aztups hub, and our currently in development foxhub.

wait you guys actually paying money for scripts

Imagine paying money for scripts that aren’t backdoors.

Yea the only hub I have is Aztup hub and someone bought it for me

I mean people spend a lot of time making scripts. Backdoors ate essentially a script in the end.

these scripts get updated and they are the best of the best. I really reccomend to buy these paid hubs. Backdoors are just fake games

I dont own any hubs atm …Sooo waiting for Fox Hub :upside_down_face: :ok_man:

And that’s getting discontinued…

Linoria, Corona Hub (coming soon), Aztup Hub, and AriHub

from most used to least used:
Aztup, Sad Rad, Ari, Edge
edit: i am stupid it says paid hubs

LumbSmasher is only a script lmao, it isn’t a hub, jailbreak still being worked on thanks to @Masterzz

Mainly linoria cuz I play pf and those who remain a lot and only aztup for jb

Aztub Hub, Dirt Hub :3

Aztup hub, Delerium, Carrot hub, Wally’s hub, Vinhub and Radium Hub ( Linux Is Da Dev )

and i use none of them :+1:

@Aizyy nice waste of your money.