Who have this house id I pay for it Discord: Shino aburame#7751

Home Information
-Price: $243k Exterior | 1.2M Interior
-Bills: $2509
-Floors: 5

-Bedrooms: 7
-Bathrooms: 11

Passes Used
-Multiple Floors
-Advanced Placing
-Large Plot


im gonna try to get in a game with him as if its a review and snag the id


Yo if you get it dm me in discord Shino aburame#7751 or #7755 i don’t remember xd please

my guy where id?

ID? mssg me on discord Clawwyy#6314

Message me for id

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Did you ever find the id?

hi can i have the id my discord is ROBBIECORE#8951

can i get it bro giorrino#3837

Yo does anyone have the id… if u have just reply it to me!

may i have it my discord is Svax#5028

yall i need the id dm me lelepons#3289

Did you ever get it