Ban appeal place

The place where you state your reasons


There’s a 20% chance of a unban

applying for ban appleal
how i got banned: mewski
reason i got banned: none
wants to be unbanned

Whats your discord id

jjland614#4227 (800771535886352455)
blacklist evasion and hard n

bisexual weeb#7922 thanks in advance!

I need your I’d not your tag

discord id 733753293523648602
reason ; someone said n word but he is in roblox , and i replied his chat , i copied his chat and wrote my answer behind his chat , like this ;

n****** // u know u gonna get warn if the staff know ur discord

but after that i got banned , the reason because i use n word and bypassing filters

Waffles#3420 (266664687997812736)
I said the n word, I said it because I stupidly didn’t read the rules or ask anyone if the word was allowed or not. I just assumed that because it was an exploit related server that the word was allowed because in most exploit related servers they don’t care and aren’t very strict about it. I’m deeply sorry and would love to keep using this amazing script. I hope this clears some stuff up and I can be whitelisted again.
Thank you.

Username Genocide#9812
Reason for ban: “ligma balls”/NSFW
Appeal: Good afternoon, I am so dearly sorry for saying “ligma balls”. I didn’t intend to state it as NSFW and I didn’t intend to make your server look bad. I just wanted to get a good laugh out of some people. I’m so sorry for being childish. I hope you forgive me. Have a good day!

applying for ban appleal
reason i got banned: using an alt in the discord, because i was in a sleep call but someone wanted help with auto farming to i joined on my alt account and got banned!
wants to be unbanned

applying for ban appeal
how i got banned: spamming i need help then not saying why
why i got blacklisted: tried to make a alt so i could talk about it
wants to be unbanned so i can help people

Reason1: I leaked the script to a user that is not at all new and no new users saw it
Reason2: trying to join the server because a mod told me i was unbanned, then i got banned yet again.
Opinion1: It’s stupid, I leaked the script on accident to a old user and he leaked his key and didn’t get banned nor blacklisted
Opinion2: If I was told I am unbanned and I join the server, then I get banned it is obvious the moderator was lying to me about the unban.
Hope1: I hope I get unblacklisted because I helped someone who needed it.
Hope2: I hope I get unbanned from the discord for getting manipulated and played.
I look forward to using this script once I get appealed. I understand I am not a victim and I am in the wrong, I enjoyed this script while it lasted.

Send me your discord ID in a PM or reply here

#3788 is my discord

unbanned your account

Thank you so so much!

got banned for saying n***a and in most exploit servers literally no one cares about hard r, discord is rullinoiz#0263 id 441422344851030046 and i got blacklisted first because trial mod doesnt have ban perms

banned cuz i insulted mewski

whats ur discord id