Ban appeal place

whats ur discord id huh

My discord ID is #9812

ur id idiot not ur discord tag

I want appeal my ban

-Cuz i status advertising

  • I forgot the rules :<
    pls unban me

Discord Tag : ~Katツ#7024
Discord Id : 805594422355165194

discord id : 722321143645732923 reason: I got banned for status advertising and I totally forgot that I can’t have a discord link in my bio I apologize please consider unbanning me amazing script and it’s the only good one i know about


applying for ban appeal
i got banned for status ad
i didnt knew that was rule XD but i know now
my discord id is 782686621002760242
and I got banned by Orangebee#4227
Have a good day!

can i get ban appeal

tag: 8005
name: Gangboy
id: 302259221679046656

reason for ban: i really dont know i think i am banned i cant get in and if i am banned i have no idea why

Ban Appeal
Username: NOTJOE#3148
Reason for ban: Broke rule 4

KieranDaPro#9999 (337615688116076544)
dmed them a sever link (by mistake)
@applebee ?

User: Magx#2021

Reason 1: Banned (No reason)
Reason 2: Status Advertising

Opinion 2: I know, status advertising is really stupid, but i forgot to remove the status, i won’t put it again.

Hope 1: I hope to get unbanned for help my friend to build his bloxburg dream house
Hope 2: I hope to get unbanned from the discord for helping people giving base ids, i really miss this job.

I loved this script, please give me a chance to use it again, i won’t break this rule again.

  • Magnetrbxi, have a good day.

Response to more recent appeals

KatTheCat 805594422355165194 - Denied

11120 722321143645732923 - Accepted

Ic69 782686621002760242 - Denied

Gangboy 302259221679046656 - Accepted

NOTJOE ??? - Denied

LiamRay10 746930050615607376 - Denied

shrek 844301009131929640 - Denied

germodius2 679088447478300697 - Accepted

Magnetrbxi 748497433595478071 - Accepted

Appeal for unban.
Reason for ban: ?
When i got banned: ?
Why i should be unbanned: ?
Who banned me: ?
Why they did it: ?
Should they have done it: ?

Joe your such a troll.

i was banned because i was alt evading when i didnt know what that was and i wasted staff time and mikuu is trying to help me get unbanned

Ive been banned for racial slurs. i didnt read the rules user:

Monke gaming SOLAR#1611


I will read the rules when i get back in i didnt know there was rules.

I was banned for alt evading which i didnt know was bad and mikuu tried to help me get unbanned
Discord: jude7#7237

so, coming here and appealing after you tried to outsmart us?

whats the chances of getting unbanned

Reason for ban: n word
Appeal:Hey LumbSmasher AdminTeam, I am very sorry for saying the n word, as I didnt mean it in a racist way I didnt call anybody the n word I was typing a sentence and I had said the n word Im a very sorry for my actions and I wont say it again I promise. I just hope yall forgive me. Have a very blessed day?