Ban appeal place

discord user=calvs123ss#1755
Reason for ban=Sending links
why did i send link=i didnt send links there was a virus on my phone that is sending link.i already used antivirus
discord id=699631452597387295
Please Unban me
I want to continue using your Good Script

i sent give and the words in the link had n word i didnt know and now im banned

i sent gif and the words in the link had n word i didnt know and now im banned

Id: 846082687865192448
Yesteday I got banned from Lumb Smasher server (Orangebee#4227 banned me), because my status was advertising.
I’m sorry, I forgot about that rule. Please, give me a second chance. I won’t break that rule again, and of course, I won’t forget it.
I think LumbSmasher is an excellent script, and I would like to continue using it.

Thanks, and sorry again for breaking the rule.

Response to more recent appeals

calvs123ss - Denied

neji - accepted

Monke_gaming_SOLAR - Denied

bruh_jude - Denied

shrek - Accepted

Discord Tag: Display#0001
ID: 767389699249274880
Hi, today I got banned from the Lumb Smasher discord server a few minutes ago. I was banned because I had a status ad. I was unaware of the rule, and I’m sorry. I have removed the status ad and I will make sure I won’t break the rule again. Please forgive me.

thank you so much

Applying For Ban Appeal
Who Banned Me : Staff
Reason I Got Banned : Status Ad Because There Is A Giveaway That Give A Prize
Reason Why I Want Unbanned : I Want Auto Farm And Auto Build And I Love This Script
Discord Id : 709342857156100116
Appeal : I’m Very Regretted When I Didn’t Read The Server’s Laws Well And Did It Against Its Will, I Hope After I Get The Ban Removed I Will Do Good And Never Again, Thanks To Lumbsmasher Staffs

Reason for ban: status ad
When i got banned: May 25
Why i should be unbanned: I will not do it again. I just wanted to join a giveaway and I was unaware of the rules since I am in a lot of servers. Please unban me, I will not do it again.
Who banned me: KieranDaPro#9999 (337615688116076544)
Why they did it: I had an invite link as my status.
Should they have done it: Yes, what I did was wrong and I deserved the consequences.

non supported executor (scriptware) i heard it works now.
thanks please unban

i forgot what i was banned for but yeah it was 2 months ago and i would extremely want an unban i will also pay 3 dollars discord is… Walking Chicken#0002

Please use your user id instead of a discord tag thanks!

my user id is 739374569839788064

can you please unban me in please what i did was wrong i said the hard r i wont do it again i wont even type in chat i just wanna use the script please my id is 711426132737654784

Discord Tag: Linns prettyboy<3#0001
User ID: 647853755403993088
Moderator that banned you: unknown
And the reasoning of your ban: I got ban by masterzz for the reason “fuck off” and than I get unban like 2 or 1 week after than join back and ask to talk to highstaff because it was a false ban reason a ping one they say whats your problem I tell them the issue and who did it they said that’s the owner now I gotta ban you, like for what exact reason am I being ban AGAIN because I wanted to talk to highstaff about a false ban reason?

still forgot but i think it was for leaking script i will not do it again my user id is 816055734415654933 i really love the script and yes

so today i asked bumbo#0356 if i could get unmuted to bully mewski he said no do it here (by here as in #jail) so i did bc i thought he gave me permission to so im confused on why i got banned and if possible could i get unbanned my user is himio#8461 edit- id is 608900122385842177

applebee#3071 (834250155922030642)
encouraging people to bypass chat in bloxburg-base-sharing

Hello Applebee,or devs,i know that i said that u can bypass words or something,it was my mistake,i know,i wasnt very smart about it,but i am terribly sorry,i would love to be on the discord server again,and i promise that i wont do it again,never,it will be an honor to let me on your server,everyone needs an second chance,i hope you see this,and,have an great day!(i am sorry if my english is not too good)

King Regards,bloodmoon

Your discord ID is invalid, make sure you copied the right one.

Here:849181292813221899,sorry and please forgive me.