[Counter CW]: adam

As you may have known, there’s been a multitude of rumors on another forum known as v3rmillion against me. I’m making this topic today to debunk all of those that were being spread.

Section 1: Adam
Adam was an OG member inside of the Bark discord server, and that was the only reason why I let him stay there.

Let’s start with a backstory on the situation. March 2021 in Alpha X, Introvert just decided to remove autobuild from the script and the entire server was pure cancer with people complaining about it, and doing whatever they want to do as they don’t even fear a ban. As a result of that, there were people doing ban-speedruns and whatever they want just to get banned.

I have to admit, my response on the situation there was a bit over, I dehashed their IPs from alpha’s keysystem (you may remember when you needed a key to use the script) and banned them with their IPs as the ban reason. HOWEVER, the said IPs were never posted in announcement or leaked to the public for people to mess with.

Adam got caught in this mess, and was warned with his IP in the reason. He had been all good regarding the situation, which is something I will prove right now.

As you can see there, he did not care much so I never bothered about it anymore, his warn was issued on march 4th and I never even realized that I did that to him until he brought it up in April.

Conflict: One of my Management Staff @Mewski demoted him from the server for something I don’t know as I don’t manage server politics, but adam decided to neg-rep me on v3rm for the “Leaking IP” issue as retaliation for his demote. I still let him stay in the server at that time, but he keeps bringing it up to members in the bark server, and even tried to counter-cw a completely un-related CW I wrote on 0x37 for leaking dogix’s code, which then I took as the last straw. I made a poll to ban him and every staff agreed to ban him so we decided to ban him from bark.

Adam’s Retaliation Plan: Instead of talking it out with me about the ban, he sends me a CW threat, which was a snipped portion of the DM.

Back story done, CW debunking time.
First, take a look at his CW thread

I can debunk all of that with just 2 screenshots.
Image 1: He snipped that from my DMs when I was giving him a possible explanation for why he got warned with his IP. No where was it said that I leaked their IPs. Ban reasons are only accessible to server staff, not the general public.
Image 2: I asked him for the Alpha X case ID in the bark discord server so I can delete it (sadly the chat was purged so I don’t have proof of that), then made a self-reflection in his DMs confused as to why I would do that. He snipped a screenshot I sent as “leaking his IP”
Image 3: again, the same warn that was issued in march, that’s the message users get when they are warned.
Image 4: all those messages were sent to him as I wanted to make it up for his leaked IP and wiped all traces of it from my database/messages. I’ve asked and told him I will purge messages (check debunk screenshot #1), not to “hide evidence”

Debunk Screenshot #1

There’s your source of where the first 2 images came from. Yes I was pretty much deleting his IP from my info and making a self-reflection on that and he uses it against me on v3rm snipping out the context.
If you want to ask me where I got that screenshot from, I’ll show you right now with Debunk Screenshot #2

Yep, I was looking up this case so I can delete it, and no I didn’t delete it because he CW’d me, look at the timestamps.

TLDR: all of adam’s “proof” was just snipping my chat with him. If he really cared about the warn reason, he would have done it 2 months ago. His main reason behind that cw was because of his bark ban, not because he got warned privately with his IP. His IP was never leaked to a public chat. The other image of his warn reason with the IP was in DMs as claimed by himself. He knows himself very well why he wrote that CW.

suspended for 7 days speedrun jkjk

jeez adam is dumb asf

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Damn good play.

Now that’s a CW! That shit on V3rm which adam posted was clearly fake!

if you’re still crying over this one then please, be my guest and debunk introverts one.


In the process of right now.
Also unlike introvert, I didn’t ban you here so you can’t reply to it.

thanks babe

elaborate pls

Introvert chose the time where I’m banned on v3rm and can’t reply to him to pull his move.

i mean idk if he specifically chose it or just decided when mine died dwn to do his

also why would i talk out a ban which you specifically told me was a staff vote, and you’d not unban me anyway lol

This is legit a war on applebee’s forums

You can ask anyone in my staff team and understand that I do do a lot of unbans despite everyone else wanting the user banned.

ok so it’s clearly fake as he blatantly admits to leaking ips yes sure you do you mr small dick dendo

im doubtful as with the mewski situation you never actually unbanned me i had to get dogix to do it

Again, I’ve never admitted to leaking peoples IPs publicly. There’s a difference between warn reasons and publicly leaking.

Edit: also look at segfault’s ban reason, no where did it mention leaking IPs

Idk man, if he leaked your IP why don’t I have it? I have never ever seen your IP, LOL!

but you warned me in a public chat so isnt that publicly?? lol??

do you have that much of a small brain to the point where you didn’t even know there’s these things called servers.

you weren’t active that that time nor were you in the server
so you wouldn’t have seen it

now please
grow a bigger brain

You sure about that? that would have been widely snipped and put into another applebee regrets picture if I had done that. There’s people literally watching every single message I send.