How long will this forum stay dead?

this forum has been dead for so long now. when will it be alive again? or if that’s even possible

Firstly, we need people to make scripts and make threads to post scripts here.
So applebee can make a better community than verm!!

If that’s even possible. look at how dead this server is.

I literally forgot this forum even existed.

@HKR it will never ever be dead

How can it never be dead if it already is?

That’s just your opinion, but is is never dead imo

Well your opinion is wrong.

We need more good tutorial/release. So first, We need more memeber!

Yeah! more memebers! that would help this forum alot

But uh… its still dead

So do you have any idea to make this forum alive?

With the Alpha male here it will no longer be dead.


It will never be dead in any way, shape, or form.

I announce this server as dead, as hell.

It was always dead from the start. Applebee couldn’t just accept the fact that it is

You don’t have stats… we had 35 signups and 10 topics/threads on the first day i released this…

Edit: and 70 posts

And. do we have 70 posts every day? so we have active topics? do we have active members who will chat other shit rather than fucking how dead this is?

As this scientific study and graph shows, Applebee’s forum is now officially dead as hell.