Mega Modern Mansion "Montilla Residence" - Tour + Floorplans | Welcome To Bloxburg - Roblox

who got this cost 3.5 mil pls comments if u got id


you know how to have weird tree?

no why idk what do you mean

whats id?
i want to test it

bruh u dumb that why im requesting dont ask me

here the id 5fcc8b51d6084cb70ff230c2

stop lying that not the real one stop trolling

Anyone can auto build for me?

the top id is the mini version the bottem id is the full version [Bloxburg] Montilla residence (FULLY FINISHED)
there you go guys

too bad it’s not real

did u get it

i can if you still need it

yes whats ur discord

whats the id

can you autobuild something for me