My Regrets and Moments

Please reply to this topic with screenshots of moments certain decisions that I would regret later in life. This would benefit me and help me become a better person.

PS: You should also post my funny moments as both me and @EDP445 want to see them.

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You will regret always lying to yourself. It’s not a good habit.

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I was gonna send a video but mp4 files arent authorised

@CRINGE_PATROL Changed the setting, you should be able to now.

ah yes, regrets are the best and will always be the best id want a whole movie of applebee’s regrets but i only see so little of the regrets


Pretty sure it was uploading something from two months ago but didnt process and just came out as some weird link to a file

lmao ok, I see what happened there

ok β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž β€Ž